9-21 JUNE 2014



The Nordic Performing Arts Days 14 is over – but not in our minds and memories hopefully. Ideas linger on and new ones are born out of the information we passed on the way. Maybe the ideas you shared will change the course of somebody else life. And some of it still has a digital life… We are sharing, we are collaborating and creating collectively IRL and digital – with a global perspective.

This was my vision: to create a platform together with some of the people here in Denmark I respect the most, to fuel some interesting debates that would push us on to new roads and to host great inspiring international colleagues, that could take us to new dimensions. So many many people made this happen – and I just wants to thank each one of you for just being a part of it, but also for giving us wonderful performances, talking to us and giving us new insight, debating and organizing. THANK YOU! What we did was unique, it gave resonance here in Denmark, but I also believe in other parts of the world. And maybe new Nordic projects will arise.

It is difficult to count how many we were – the revised list says 279. But many of the performers and the workshop participants in Aalborg are not on this, and a lot of people also joined just for small bits. But we came from 22 different countries and all 6 continents (we did have a Peruvian with us, but he lives in Denmark).

Sitting here slowly slowly digesting, pictures pop up, laughs are remembered and slowly slowly I might encompass fully what we created together – the full impact of the discussions we raised – in forum or over tables or in walking.

We found new ways of doing collaborative works (and saw some good examples) in Aalborg and learned from the political activist group Superflex.

We had some beautiful slow days in Aarhus to feel the essence of the artistic spirit, we learned to go camouflage in to institutions, we developed concepts for a network-based institution to support the artistic needs. We learned about residencies and had some great talks on the artist role in the new world-order. Which formats supports best the ideas we have, how should we organize us, what are the role we need to pursue? And of course we also saw some good work from local artists.

In Odense we had the possibility of seeing 14 different works for young audiences from all the Nordic Countries at Nordic PULSE (a first of festival we hope Assitej will continue). I think most of us remember the fantastic dance works from Sweden and Norway. We debated digitalization in the performing arts and how to create new forms of participation. We had focus on performing arts for the very small and for the adolescent.

And in Copenhagen we got overwhelmed by the program of CPH Stage, gave the festival some international dimension and saw a wide range of performances. Some also joined the reading-festival at Husets Teater for the Nordic Drama Train. We were a big international group here continuing the discussions on the artist’s role in society and the politic/strategic awareness we need today to make sure we support the things we want to support.

The discussion is not over – we need to continue the dialogue. We have created a forum, a special network of people we can still turn to. You might have missed something or just want to re-visit:

We have posted the articles, powerpoints etc, we have – under the individual events under the programsection. You can also find useful information on the speakers.

On facebook we posted along the way, stories, photos and videos. Please join in and let the discussions continue!

On Youtube  you can find interviews with me, David Pledger, Per Voetman plus videos from the sessions in Copenhagen.

If you want the participationlist see here

Best wishes for a fruitful developement of the performing arts

Susanne Danig, director of The Nordic Performing Arts Days 14

PS: Faroe Island will host the platform in 2016 – see you in Thorshavn!

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